A Major Announcement

Beginning today, June 17th, I will no longer be updating this blog. The domain will remain in effect until next January, when it will expire.

With my busy schedule, I just do not have the time anymore to run my own blog. I will continue blogging as a contributor over at Unsettled Christianity. I will continue to blog on theology (especially bad theology) and culture over there.

Wow, There’s EVEN an APP to Cure Lutheranism!!!!

Jim’s just jealous because Luther was way more fun than Zwingli!

Zwinglius Redivivus

Talk. About. A. Miracle!

Ref.ch informs us (no, really….)

«Setting captives free» heisst eine von einer religiösen Organisation in den USA bereitgestellten App, die seit März kostenlos für Smartphones und Tablets heruntergeladen werden kann. Sie verspricht Hilfe bei der «Heilung von Gewohnheitssünden» wie Drogen- oder Spielsucht durch Kurse, «in denen Christus das Zentrum ist». Auch «sexuelle Unreinheit» wie zum Beispiel Homosexualität Luthertum soll innerhalb von 60 Tagen geheilt werden können. Wie die Genfer Tageszeitung «Tribune de Genève» berichtet, hat Apple die App am 30. Mai aufgrund von Protesten zurückgezogen. Bei Android ist sie dagegen immer noch verfügbar.

Soon those hapless souls enslaved to the darkness of Lutheranism will be free.  Free before the end of Summer!  Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, they’re free at last!

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The New Doctor?

All of us Whovians are eagerly awaiting official news concerning the announcement of the next Doctor.

According to The Telegraph, the role has been offered to Rory Kinnear.

The Mirror, however, reports that no decision has been made.

Matt Smith, the current Doctor, is leaving the show in the Christmas special.

Amanda MacInnis on Postliberal Thought

Amanda MacInnis has written a four part series on Postliberal theology.

The Role of the Church in Postliberal Thought — Strengths, and Some Concluding Thoughts

The Role of the Church in Postliberal Thought — The Problem of Antirealism

The Role of the Church in Postliberal Thought — Definition and Mission of Church

The Role of the Church in Postliberal Thought — Strengths, and Some Concluding Thoughts

You should check them out. They are well worth the read.

Bad Theology Found On tumblr: RE: C.S. Lewis & Angelicanism

Okay so today, I found this goodie on tumblr: Liam Neeson and Aslan.

Now, I am not gonna say that Aslan isn’t an allegory for Christ. But I have many problems with that Liam’s statement AND the author’s “CONCERNS.” First of all, Aslan can be Buddha? Okay, really? Really? I guess Liam hasn’t read the Narnia series or doesn’t remember the politics in them. Look Aslan is a type of Jesus, and he’s also a right wing authoritarian figure. Prince Caspian is basically a story about how democracy is bad, Aslan is “good but dangerous” hint hint hint. If you read any C.S. Lewis, especially his Space Trilogy, the guy leans heavily pro-war and conservative. Does the Buddha represent any of these values? Um no, because not every religious founder is viewed by their religion the same way. It’s like Liam is taking what he has learned from Christianity, and applying it to another religion, rather than seeing it, speaking of it on its own terms. Narnia is clearly a theistic story; Buddhism is a non-theist religion.

On the concern, and the argument that C.S. Lewis is an “intolerant” Anglican. Look, really? That’s dumb. Have you even read the newspaper headlines with Anglicans and Episcopalians? (please read the links if you don’t know what’s up) While Lewis was politically conservative, he was theologically liberal. He is what we call a universalist, that Jesus died for everyone, and that while Jesus is savior, if you worship Tash or practice another religion, you are saved through Jesus’s death and resurrection. This is the conclusion of several of Lewis’ own writings, including The Last Battle. Whether we disagree with Anglicans is a different issue, but to make claims about Anglican theology and history, without any familiarity, well, is just bad theology!

No June 6 Rapture

This Just In:

Steve Fletcher has been proven to be a fraud as he joins the ranks of those with failed rapture predictions. Still no word from the “prophet” himself.

That is all!

June 6 Raputre Update

It’s just after 4 pm PST in Seattle, and this is your rapture update.

It is just after midnight on June 7th in Spain, France, and the United Kingdom. Guess what, no sign of the rapture. No comment yet from the failed prophet himself, Steve Fletcher. I’ll do one more update tomorrow morning, but I’m calling this one busted. Guess his “Bible lock” isn’t as accurate as he thought…