Christian Disciplines

Beginning December 2, 2012 (Advent), I will be undertaking two new disciplines. Why December 2 and not January 1? December 2 starts the new Church Year. Makes sense to start new disciplines then.

  1. I will be reading through Isaiah in the LXX (Septuagint). While it boils down to about five verses a day, this will be a lot of work. Since my Greek is a little rusty, I will spend some of my time translating the Greek into English. This is nice because it’s a Monday-Friday discipline and I will have Saturday and Sunday to catch up if I fall behind. For more information, check out Abram K-J’s blog Words on the Word. If you know Greek, join in on this one.
  2. I will also begin the seven-year cycle of reading the church fathers. This is a huge undertaking, but fits in with the blog. Lots of resources are provided, including a reading calendar!. For more information, check out Read the Fathers. I’m looking forward to this one!

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