A Major Announcement

Beginning today, June 17th, I will no longer be updating this blog. The domain will remain in effect until next January, when it will expire.

With my busy schedule, I just do not have the time anymore to run my own blog. I will continue blogging as a contributor over at Unsettled Christianity. I will continue to blog on theology (especially bad theology) and culture over there.


Wow, There’s EVEN an APP to Cure Lutheranism!!!!

Jim’s just jealous because Luther was way more fun than Zwingli!

Zwinglius Redivivus

Talk. About. A. Miracle!

Ref.ch informs us (no, really….)

«Setting captives free» heisst eine von einer religiösen Organisation in den USA bereitgestellten App, die seit März kostenlos für Smartphones und Tablets heruntergeladen werden kann. Sie verspricht Hilfe bei der «Heilung von Gewohnheitssünden» wie Drogen- oder Spielsucht durch Kurse, «in denen Christus das Zentrum ist». Auch «sexuelle Unreinheit» wie zum Beispiel Homosexualität Luthertum soll innerhalb von 60 Tagen geheilt werden können. Wie die Genfer Tageszeitung «Tribune de Genève» berichtet, hat Apple die App am 30. Mai aufgrund von Protesten zurückgezogen. Bei Android ist sie dagegen immer noch verfügbar.

Soon those hapless souls enslaved to the darkness of Lutheranism will be free.  Free before the end of Summer!  Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, they’re free at last!

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Bad Theology: Tumblr Theology That Makes Me Facepalm: Zombie Jesus


Jim West has a meme going Twitter Theology That Makes Me Sigh. Tumblr is also a place where you can find lots of bad theology, from wannabe atheist thinkers and Christians alike.

On tumblr there’s a meme for Zombie Jesus, I know sooooo original. What these amateurs don’t know is that the black people who first wrote zombie stories, were Catholic Christians, living in the Carribbean. Enjoy being polemical tools!

No @RickWarren, Satan Does Not Mean Slanderer

Do not listen to Rick Warren. Do not follow David Chazran.


Why? He seems to think Satan can be translated as slanderer.

According to my A Concise Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testamentשָׂטָן (satan) means adversary or accuser. Just to be on the safe side, I checked the definition against my BDB (Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, or Big Damn Book) and found הַשָּׂטָ defined as adversary or Satan. Slander in Hebrew is רָכִיל (rakil). It just doesn’t work! This is just sloppy.

But then, Warren also tweeted that the Greek διάβολος (diabolos) means Satan.


To make thing even worse, Warren leaves out an o, giving us diablos. Last I checked, Spanish was not a Biblical language. For more commentary on this tweet, see my commentary on the first tweet!

Wrestling with the ecclesiology of Ignatius of Antioch (or, do I need a Bishop?!)

Brian LePort asks some great questions regarding bishops after reading Ignatius of Antioch. Head over an check out his post!

the archives near Emmaus

I’ve been a low church evangelical for many years now. I entered Christianity through a sectarian Pentecostal group (some doubted we should celebrate Christmas because it was of “pagan origin”, so you imagine the type of ecumenism I was taught). I have thought about the teachings of Roman Catholicism, Orthodoxy, and Anglicanism/Episcopalianism and there are times when I find these groups quite attractive and other times when I find these groups to be concerning. Currently, I worship with a (modern, not Amish-like) Mennonite church, which I like because of their commitment to serious discipleship, and their emphasis on the Kingdom of God and the reconciling hope of their eschatology. Yet I worry at times that Mennonites are similar in some ways to my Pentecostal friends in that there is a lack of catholicity with little emphasis on the Lord’s Supper/Communion/Eucharist tradition that has enriched the church for hundreds of years.

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Election Day 2012 Recap

This will be my last post on the 2012 US Election, but I wanted to highlight a few post from last night and this morning.

C. Michael Patton has a post discussing the sovereignty of God in the election.

Matthew Lee Anderson writes about the meaning of last night’s election.

Both of these are from conservative Christian bloggers and both are worth a read. I have a healthy respect for Matthew Lee Anderson. I think he is a conservative Christian who engages instead of reacts. And I can respect that.

Just thought I’d share in case any of my conservative and/or liberal friends missed.

Ben Witherington on Jesus and Pacifism

Joel shared this the yesterday and in light of the recent conversation here, I think this is extremely relevant.

Ben Witherington III writes on his blog,

Jesus, as it turns out was a hard core pacifist and he was serious as a heart attack about that non-resistance, turn the other cheek, take up your cross and be prepared to die at the hands of your enemies stuff. He was, to use an oxymoron, an adamant even a belligerent pacifist. ‘Those who live by the sword die by the sword’ was his warning, and when his disciples tried to take up swords for the sake of the Kingdom Jesus not only told them ‘enough of that’ but he then repaired the damage to the ear of the high priest’s slave. Jesus was in deadly earnest about being the Prince of Peace.

All I’ve got to say to the IRD is ouch, that’s gotta hurt!