Bad Theology Found On tumblr: RE: C.S. Lewis & Angelicanism

Okay so today, I found this goodie on tumblr: Liam Neeson and Aslan.

Now, I am not gonna say that Aslan isn’t an allegory for Christ. But I have many problems with that Liam’s statement AND the author’s “CONCERNS.” First of all, Aslan can be Buddha? Okay, really? Really? I guess Liam hasn’t read the Narnia series or doesn’t remember the politics in them. Look Aslan is a type of Jesus, and he’s also a right wing authoritarian figure. Prince Caspian is basically a story about how democracy is bad, Aslan is “good but dangerous” hint hint hint. If you read any C.S. Lewis, especially his Space Trilogy, the guy leans heavily pro-war and conservative. Does the Buddha represent any of these values? Um no, because not every religious founder is viewed by their religion the same way. It’s like Liam is taking what he has learned from Christianity, and applying it to another religion, rather than seeing it, speaking of it on its own terms. Narnia is clearly a theistic story; Buddhism is a non-theist religion.

On the concern, and the argument that C.S. Lewis is an “intolerant” Anglican. Look, really? That’s dumb. Have you even read the newspaper headlines with Anglicans and Episcopalians? (please read the links if you don’t know what’s up) While Lewis was politically conservative, he was theologically liberal. He is what we call a universalist, that Jesus died for everyone, and that while Jesus is savior, if you worship Tash or practice another religion, you are saved through Jesus’s death and resurrection. This is the conclusion of several of Lewis’ own writings, including The Last Battle. Whether we disagree with Anglicans is a different issue, but to make claims about Anglican theology and history, without any familiarity, well, is just bad theology!


No June 6 Rapture

This Just In:

Steve Fletcher has been proven to be a fraud as he joins the ranks of those with failed rapture predictions. Still no word from the “prophet” himself.

That is all!

June 6 Raputre Update

It’s just after 4 pm PST in Seattle, and this is your rapture update.

It is just after midnight on June 7th in Spain, France, and the United Kingdom. Guess what, no sign of the rapture. No comment yet from the failed prophet himself, Steve Fletcher. I’ll do one more update tomorrow morning, but I’m calling this one busted. Guess his “Bible lock” isn’t as accurate as he thought…

The New Legalism

Over the past few weeks, we have heard a lot of ridiculous things concerning what Christians can and cannot do.

It started off with, David Barton says Christians can’t drink Starbucks.

And now, there is this whole debate as to whether or not Christians can watch shows like Game of Thrones.

I don’t read much from Christian Piatt, but I think he nails it in his latest Huffington Post article.

Seriously, enough already. This is turning into a new legalism. See, if something is inherently anti-Christian and one participates in said thing, then one’s salvation is at risk. However, I do not think that drinking Starbucks or watching Game of Thrones will throw one’s salvation into question. It is nothing more than adiaphora. Just the latest in a rising tide of bad theology.

Cindy Jacobs On The Leviathan Spirit

The Leviathan Spirit? WTH is she talking about.  Apparently this spirit is responsible for “divorce, family feuds, sibling rivalries, church splits, and even tribal wars.” Note, it’s not sin that’s responsible for these things. It’s some other spirit.

But here’s my favorite part:

If you have in your bloodline any animus, any Native American blood, for instance — not all Native Americans worshiped the serpent or crocodile, many did — but you might want to renounce that and repent for the generational iniquity,” Jacobs says. “If you are — perhaps you’re Mexican and you might have indigenous blood in you or Mayan blood — those who have Aztec blood in any way, you need to repent for the sin of animism before you begin to deal with this spirit.

You can watch the full video here…or not.


HT: Right Wing Watch

June 6 Rapture?

Somehow I missed this…must be slacking off a bit. Anyways, Steve Fletcher (never heard of him) has predicted the rapture will happen on June 6, 2013. Since I am writing this at around 9:30 pm PST on June 5, that means that it is June 6 somewhere in the world. Any signs of an impending rapture?

And for your listening displeasure, I present to you, an interview with Steve Fletcher!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Farewell @JohnPiper

After yesterday’s tragic tornado in Moore, OK, I was waiting for some pastor to say something asinine on the internet. Well, that honor goes to “Pastor” John Piper.

Screen shot 2013-05-21 at 9.37.40 AM

The tweet has since been deleted.

Seriously? It’s hard to believe that you were a pastor! Not helpful. At all.

And for all those that favorited this tweet, you are being led astray by a false teacher. You should be ashamed of yourselves!

I can think of several verses that are way more helpful that this drivel you posted. Maybe it’s time to stop the bad attempts at theology when a natural disaster strikes. You sure have enough of them under your belt!