A Major Announcement

Beginning today, June 17th, I will no longer be updating this blog. The domain will remain in effect until next January, when it will expire.

With my busy schedule, I just do not have the time anymore to run my own blog. I will continue blogging as a contributor over at Unsettled Christianity. I will continue to blog on theology (especially bad theology) and culture over there.


New Way To Connect With The Blog

Feedly Logo

Feedly Logo (Photo credit: imjustcreative)

In anticipation of the impending death of Google Reader, I have added a follow button for Feedly. Why Feedly? To be honest, I’ve been waiting to see what is going on with my RSS reader of choice, Reeder. On a whim, I checked the Twitter feed for the Reeder app and saw a link to this post from Feedly’s blog. So, since Reeder is partnering with Feedly, my RSS quandary has been solved and I feel that going with Feedly is best for the blog.

Other RSS readers are partnering with Feedly. So if you don’t like Feedly’s interface (I didn’t), then see if your reader of choice has partnered with them.

To follow my blog on Feedly, all you have to do is click on the button in the “Connect With Me” section to the right and click subscribe. It’s as simple as that.

Some Excellent News About The Biblioblog Library

A while back, the Biblioblog Library was unexpectedly taken down by the host. Since then, Steve has been hard at work to bring the Biblioblog Library back. Here’s the most recent updates provided from Steve.

April 1:

No, no April Fool’s joke. 🙂 Today I am picking through the pieces of the old database fragmentary backups to try and get together a new database schema for the next step in restoring the Library. Work is slow due to my other obligations (family, work, grants, and other hobbies) but I’m hoping to get something basic working by the end of this week. Keep your fingers crossed for me. – Steve

April 1 #2:

I now have a schema developed and I’ll be uploading it to the server to test it out. This will require some modifications to the old Archivist and Hit Counter scripts (mostly some trimming) but if those modifications are successful, I can start harvesting hit and post data to tinker with. -Steve

April 1 #3:

A preliminary Archivist script is now ready for testing. If this works, I can begin rebuilding the database. -Steve

April 2:

Well, after being on the phone for 45 minutes, it turns out that one of the reasons why the server was so God-awful slow is that it’s still running on a legacy system. I’ve been told that I need to get rid of some old MySQL 4.1 databases (I didn’t even know I still had a few lying around) and they can upgrade the server account to their “new” Grid system. -Steve

April 2 #2:

All MySQL 4.1 databases are toast, and I’m now on the phone again waiting for the upgrade. -Steve

April 2 #3:

I’m now waiting for the first server migration. This part of it could take up to 24 hours before I can continue. From there, the upgrade to the “Grid” will take another 24-72 hours, and from there we can start things cooking. 🙂 -Steve

You can visit the site to get the latest updates!

Getting Caught Up

After a few days away without an interent connection, it’s going to take me a few days to get caught up with what’s going on in the blogosphere. I love getting away with the family; it just take me a few days to get back into reading blogs.

New Domain Name

As I stated yesterday, one of the changes that I had planned for the blog was to change the domain name. Well, that change will be happening shortly. The new domain for the blog will be http://theonerd.com. The changes should take effect in the near future. Please update your RSS feeds.

Political Round-up Delayed

Due to a busy week and a busy day today (we’re going to the pumpkin patch!), the weekly political round-up post will be delayed until tomorrow.

Introducing The TheoNerd Companion Site

As part of the whole update/rebranding of the blog, I’ve started a site on Tumblr as a companion to this blog. Over on the Tumblr TheoNerd site, I will be posting quotes from books I am reading, links to blog posts, and videos with commentary.