New Way To Connect With The Blog

Feedly Logo

Feedly Logo (Photo credit: imjustcreative)

In anticipation of the impending death of Google Reader, I have added a follow button for Feedly. Why Feedly? To be honest, I’ve been waiting to see what is going on with my RSS reader of choice, Reeder. On a whim, I checked the Twitter feed for the Reeder app and saw a link to this post from Feedly’s blog. So, since Reeder is partnering with Feedly, my RSS quandary has been solved and I feel that going with Feedly is best for the blog.

Other RSS readers are partnering with Feedly. So if you don’t like Feedly’s interface (I didn’t), then see if your reader of choice has partnered with them.

To follow my blog on Feedly, all you have to do is click on the button in the “Connect With Me” section to the right and click subscribe. It’s as simple as that.


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