Looking For Bible Studies / Devotionals

So regular readers of the blog know that I am quite fond of the YouVersion Bible App. I literally have it on every one of my mobile devices (Kindle Fire, iPad and iPhone). However, in recent moths, I have become quite jaded with the app as the developer, LifeChurch, has started to add more conservative material and have previously voiced my displeasure. On the advice of a friend, I hung in there. While it is nice to have so many translations at my fingertips, it royally sucks when it comes to devotionals for people of my theological leaning. I mean, really, I’m not going to read a devotional by John Piper, The Gossip Coalition, or Focus on the Family. Period.

Flash forward a few months and I’m looking for a devotional. So I open my handy dandy YouVersion Bible app, find one that I think looks interesting and *BAM*, right away in the devotional material is talk of fasting. Seriously, I don’t fast. Ever. And, I’m Lutheran. I don’t know of any Lutherans that fast. That means giving up beer!

In all seriousness, I need a Bible Study / Daily Devotional that is more suited to my theological leanings (progressive, quite possibly postliberal). I mean, I could write one but that would kind of defeat the whole purpose and wouldn’t lead to any growth.

Feel free to share your recommendations below!


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