Some Days Are Harder Than Others!

As anyone who suffers from doubt can tell you, some days are harder than others. Much like depression (something else I have battled), the littlest thing can set of an existential crisis that leads to the return of doubt. Today is one of those days for me…

One stray thought is all it takes. And in the whole scheme of things, it’s probably a petty stray thought. It’s probably a thought that in the long run, is insignificant and meaningless. But today, it has managed to work its magic. Needless to say, it has not been a pretty week.

It is not fun to have these thoughts and doubts. In fact, it pretty much sucks. I can’t speak for others who suffer with doubt, but I become downright inconsolable when I’m pushing through a period of doubt. Nothing like battling a case of doubt on an overcast day. Fun times!


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