Farewell @JohnPiper

After yesterday’s tragic tornado in Moore, OK, I was waiting for some pastor to say something asinine on the internet. Well, that honor goes to “Pastor” John Piper.

Screen shot 2013-05-21 at 9.37.40 AM

The tweet has since been deleted.

Seriously? It’s hard to believe that you were a pastor! Not helpful. At all.

And for all those that favorited this tweet, you are being led astray by a false teacher. You should be ashamed of yourselves!

I can think of several verses that are way more helpful that this drivel you posted. Maybe it’s time to stop the bad attempts at theology when a natural disaster strikes. You sure have enough of them under your belt!


3 thoughts on “Farewell @JohnPiper

    • Nowhere in my post did I say that Piper stated the tornado was God’s judgment. His tweet was ill timed and a bad attempt to theologize the disaster. I read the explanation posted and feel that it is b.s. Even with the addition of Job 1:20 (tweeted as Job 1:21), it was still an un-pastoral thing to tweet. Just because he finds comfort in those verses doesn’t mean that others will find them offensive in this situation. 140 characters is not the best means to make a point like he was trying to make.

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