Bad Theology: The Pope and Revelation 17

First off, it’s PERDITION, not PERDICTION. Perdition is found in the dictionary and is defined as “A state of eternal punishment and damnation into which a sinful and unpenitent person passes after death.” The only reference I can find about perdiction is through Urban Dictionary…not known to be a reputable source…unless you do a search for my name…then it’s just pretty damn accurate!

Now, how can you be so certain that Revelation 17:10-11 is referring specifically to the Vatican?

Concerning Pius XI, his reign as Pope actually began on February 6, 1922. So yes, he was the current reigning Pope when the Vatican was made an independent state on February 11, 1929; however, to draw the line between Pius XI and Benedict XVI based on the date of February 11 is…thin.

To make the claim that Benedict XVI “reigned” a short time is also a bit thin, considering John Paul I was Pope for only 33 days…just sayin’! John Paul I would better fit as the Pope who reigned for a short time…

The talk of the Popes as “kings” is also a bit loose. Technically, the Pope is the  ex officio Head of State for the Vatican, not a king. Below the Pope is the President of the Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State and he also has the title of President of the Governorate of the State of Vatican City. The President is delegated executive authority for Vatican City by the Pope. The President is also the leader of the legislative body of the Vatican.

Perhaps one of the best interpretations of 7 Kings in Revelation 17:10-11 come from Ligonier Ministries (shocking for me to admit…I know) because it places Revelation in it’s historical context.

In all, this is just a loose interpretation of Revelation 17:10-11 making this a bad case of eschatology… *sigh*


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