Why I’m Not LC-MS

First, the denomination makes their pastors apologize for praying in a multi faith service. Why? Because the denomination bars worshipping with other faiths.

Now lets think about this one logically, if they fail to even pray with other faith, then they are not taking the Great Commission seriously because they are not sharing the gospel with all nations. The Great Commission implies that the LC-MS will have to pray for and with people of other faiths. If they are unwilling to pray for or with people of other faiths, then they are not fulfilling the command of Christ by witnessing to all nations!

And second, their pastors relish in division. If they were really concerned with the state of the ELCA, they would lament the divisions in the Lutheran church throughout the world. To me, this just proves that the LC-MS is not concerned with unity, but rather strives for division.

Every time I see antics like these, I’m glad I’m not LC-MS!


8 thoughts on “Why I’m Not LC-MS

  1. We LCMS will pray FOR unbelievers, we just won’t hold a joint worship service with them to pray WITH them to a generic, nameless God. THAT, my ELCA brother, is idolatry. It is sin.

    This is an internal LCMS policy. It is not the domain of outsiders.

    Please see my comments on this issue on my blog post today: http://www.LutherWasNotBornAgain.com

    • “This is an internal LCMS policy. It is not the domain of outsiders.”

      And one could say the same thing about the LC-MC commenting on ELCA internal politics. Snap! It goes both ways.

    • Read it. Not impressed! Much of the same talking points that don’t address anything I stated here.

      And quite frankly, when it’s on the national news, to say “This issue is an internal LCMS issue and all outsiders should really ‘butt out'” just isn’t going to cut it.

    • Dear Gary,

      I am very glad you have found your calling as a blogger from the LC-MS perspective. Please interact with the content of the post rather than advertise for your blogging space, please.

      • It was not my intention to “advertise” for my blog. I make no money off of my blog. There are no advertisments. I am not selling anything but salvation through faith in Jesus Christ and the Christian faith as interpreted by conservative Lutherans. I made a long comment on my post regarding this issue which gives the LCMS perspective. Should readers hear both sides? I did feel it necessary to re-type the entire statement again here.

        Liberal and conservative Lutherans have two very different views of the Christian faith. Liberals want to be as loving and inclusive as possible; conservatives try to be true to the Bible and to the confessions, while yet still trying to be loving.

        However, right now both sides are demonizing the other. I believe that the LCMS should stop commenting on what goes on in the ELCA. It is none of our business. The ELCA has chosen to follow another path than we. I say, “Go in peace, brothers and sisters”. We should pray for you, not attack you.

        Let both liberal and conservative Lutherans worship God, in their own Church bodies, as they believe is appropriate. We are really no longer in the same “denomination” or “Church”. We both carry the name of “Lutheran” but we are completely different people. Let us part in peace. Let’s spend our time sharing Christ’s love and the Gospel story, not fighting with fellow Christians, no matter how wrong we may believe that they may be.

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