Nothing But Silence

Why is it when Israel is “attacked” by the Left, the Right goes out of their way to show their support for Israel…they go out of their way to the extent of pointing out that Israel’s feces doesn’t stink. (Yes, I’m being polite here). But why is it when Israel’s sins are exposed, like a secret and forced eugenics program against other Jews? The silence in this matter is deafening. Aside from my post yesterday, I have not heard the Christian Right say word one about this on the blogosphere. Which brings me to the larger question is: Why are the Christin Right silent about Israel’s use of Depo-Provera, a drug that many pro-life groups maintain is more of an abortifacient than a method of contraception?

A two minute Google search on Depo-Provera led me to Human Life International. There I found this quote on the drug in one of their PDFs:

Many women’s menstrual cycles continue when using Depo-Provera: 43% after 12 months and 32% after 24 months. This makes it far more likely that Depo-Provera’s abortifacient effect is behind a large proportion of its “success” at preventing childbirth.

So tell me, why are there not any members of the Christian Right speaking out about this? Is it because Israel is involved and not the “Liberal Left?” 

Just further proof that the Religious Right is a bunch of hypocrites!

For more information, watch this video:


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