The Gospel Coalition and Lutheranism

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Back in June of 2011, Kevin DeYoung asked a simple question: What’s up with Lutherans?

A year and a half later , the Gospel Coalition post a response from Rev. Paul McCain, a LC-MS pastor who works at Concordia Publishing House and blogs at Cyberbrethren.

I don’t know what to be concerned with more, that fact that it took the Gospel Coalition a year and a half to finally ask a Lutheran to post or McCain’s typical LC-MS rhetoric, that can best be described as passive ELCA bashing because he doesn’t mention the ELCA at all, but we all know it’s implied.

Disclaimer: As most of you know, not all Lutherans are really Lutherans, just as not all Calvinists are really Calvinists, or all Reformed are really Reformed. Sadly, in our ranks, as in yours, we have people who claim to be such, but have strayed far from the historic confession and faith of their church. I write from the perspective of a Lutheran who regards the historic doctrinal standard of the Lutheran Church, that is, the Book of Concord of 1580, to be a true and correct exposition of God’s Word. When I was ordained a Lutheran pastor nearly 25 years ago I pledged my unqualified acceptance of, agreement with, and commitment to the Book of Concord. If you don’t know much about the Lutheran Confessions as contained in the Book of Concord you can see/read and download them all here.

McCain hold to a quia view of the Book of Concord. That is, the Book of Concord, on the topics that it addresses, is what the church authoritatively understands God’s authoritative word to say because the Book of Concord is a faithful exposition of the Scriptures. The counter view is the quatenus view. That is, the Book of Concord is authoritative insofar as the Book of Concord agrees with Scripture.

McCain’s remarks do no surprise me, but yet, I am still saddened by the rhetoric.

You can read the full article here.


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