School Prayer and School Shootings Are Not Related!

So many comments have been made over the past few days about where God was during the recent school shooting in Newtown, CT. Problem is, there is a lot of bad theology flowing throughout the interwebs, especially as it pertains to to theodicy and knowing the mind of God.

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The problem with posts like these and comments made in my previous post, is that it outright disregards the Incarnation of Christ and turns God into a petulant , wrathful child.

My friend Michelle posted these comments on Facebook, which I think, puts things into perspective:

I’ve seen a lot of comments on this grand network claiming that Friday’s murders were our fault as a nation… something to the effect of, “What did you think would happen when we kicked God out of schools?”

For the record, you can’t kick God out of anywhere, God doesn’t really care if we’ve invited the Divine to our party. Whatever our remaining questions about this tragedy, we can all be sure God was with those students, teachers, and administrators on Friday. And I’m sure I could think of a worse message to send the families of the victims – this happened because God took a hike and abandoned your children, family, and friends – but it would be difficult.

So instead of pretending like somehow we caused this because we don’t have prayer in schools anymore, how about we stick to praying for our schools and those in them – specifically for Sandy Hook Elementary. I have the sneaking suspicion it’d be a better use of our time and energy.

7 thoughts on “School Prayer and School Shootings Are Not Related!

  1. One more example of how Deism won. God, in this line of thinking, is distant, not present.

    What a sad state for Christianity.

    • FrSean,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      Deism! What a great observation. You are absolutely correct that this line of thinking turns God into a Deistic God out there somewhere.

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  3. One of the things that needs to be remembered is that many people do not believe that God exists or follow His words, so why would God avert this tragedy when the people involved would not know God did it, or that the credit would be given to someone else? How would they know that God cared if God is omitted from the response?

    Then how do you know that God did not provide warnings and instructions to people to avert this tragedy and the people told just did not listen? We have had the Bible for 2,000 years yet how many people listen to it correctly? If people do not listen then sin has an opening to do its dirty work.

    I would say that prayer and bible reading need to be re-introduced into schools if for nothing else to warn the children that God does exist and He has a better way to live. The secular way is not working so why should we reinforce that method and ignore the one that does work?

    • Well, I can think of a number of reasons why the Bible should not be taught in schools, most importantly, IT’S NOT THE SCHOOL’S JOB TO TEACH THE BIBLE! IT’S THE PARENTS RESPONSIBILITY! Also, I would note that I personally would not want anyone with a teaching degree teaching my children the Bible. Who knows what wacky nonsense they would be taught!

      And congratulations, your god is a petulant child. And yes, I did not capitalize god intentionally because your god is not the God!

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