How Christians Should Not Talk About #Newtown

Please let the evil of the wicked be over,
but set the righteous firmly in place
because you, the righteous God,
are the one who examines hearts and minds.
Psalm 7:9, CEB

I’ve been mulling over how I would respond to yesterdays tragedy in Newton, CT. Suffice it to say, most responses I’ve seen on the blogosphere have ranged from insufficient to down right dumb ass.

Since I’m one for spreading the misery, here are the dumb assed comments:

The first comes from Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association:

The second comes from Mike Huckabee:

Finally we have a tweet from Eric Hovind:


(That’s me banging my head off of something hard to get the stupid out of my mind.)


Don’t be fooled by these false prophets. Their “god” is a petty, petulant child and has absolutely nothing to do with the God of the Bible. Their god is pissed off because we have removed God from our schools, so their god lashes out and the defenseless.

That’s all I have for now. I’m sure others will post a dumb ass comment regarding God and this tragedy…if I see it, I’ll call them out.


One thought on “How Christians Should Not Talk About #Newtown

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