Political Theology Posts Around The Web

It was surprisingly a light week…or one in which I just really didn’t care that much about the political talk flying around out there. Probably because I voted already. Yep, mailed my ballot back last weekend.

Christian posted on one of the idols in America today, the free market. I’m sure we could both think of a few more…

Zack Hunt had a syncroblog going on last week. Here’s the recap:

Rodney also posted on not voting.

Jim West points out that the American people love lying politicians.

Jim also points out that the Tea Party has destroyed the Republican Party. And they will probably take the rest of the country with them…

Matthew Paul Turner points out Jesus may really prevent Mitt Romney from winning the Presidency.

Tony Jones says Mitt Romney’s Mormonism does matter. No argument there.

Jim mentions that Billy Graham has also let politics get in the way of the Gospel.

PJ Miller posts about a survey that shows Israeli Jews support apartheid. This comes on the heels of a Twitter “discussion” I had with Dan Skogen, the author of the site Exposing the ELCA. The “discussion” was sparked by this post. Dan seems to think that Israel can do no wrong. Hmm, seems to me that apartheid is wrong and that the vast majority of Israeli Jews support apartheid, maybe Dan might want to rethink some of the drivel and bad theology he’s spouted the over the past week.

Stupid Sh*t Politicians Say

  • Todd Akin is at it again, this time spouting off some nonsense about our “Commie President.”  Here’s the video:
  • While not a politician, Ann Coulter is a political pundit, and she has not one, but two dumbass tweets.


Ann, here’s a hint…when Michelle Malkin says you’ve crosses the line, you really should shut the up.

  • Richard Mourdock, an Indiana Republican senate candidate said “Even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.” Here’s the video:

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