Political Theology Posts Around The Web

It’s a day late this week, but between work, parties, and going to the pumpkin patch, I was busy.

Anyways, here they are, the good, the bad and the ugly post from the past week dealing with politics and/or political theology.

My “friends” at the IRD think religious liberty is an endangered species in the United States.

Christian points out the latest racist acts from the party that claims it’s not racist.

This week is the Jesus Politics syncroblog event. Check out all the action throughout the week at American Jesus. This could be a lot of fun. Hell, I might even write something for this!

Two of my favorite revisionist historians, David Barton and Glenn Beck, discuss how Romney could be like Abraham Lincoln. Only in their twisted world…

Christian Piatt asks the question, “Where does faith fit into politics?”

Branson Parler over at Think Christian discusses why he isn’t voting. While I may not agree, it’s an interesting read.

Tony Jones discusses the removal of Mormonism from the list of “cults” on the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s website. More on this in another post.

Christian Nightmares shows us that Obama is “Satan’s Candidate.”

Joel Watts points out the voter fraud coming from the party that seems hell bent on pointing out “voter fraud” from everyone else but themselves.

Joel also weighs on the scrubbing of Mormonism as a cult from the BGEA’s website.

Mark Tooley of the IRD talks about the “Evangelical landslide” for Romney.

Matthew Paul Turner posts a video of Missouri pastor’s anti-gay speech.  Watch it all the way through!

Rodney shares his thoughts on Billy Graham.


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