Political Theology Posts Around The Web

It’s Sunday, which means it’s time to recap posts around the web that deal with politics or political theology. And unlike some, we don’t shy away from the bad and the ugly. We have a lot to get through this week.

A federal judge ruled the HHS contraception mandate does not violate religious freedom. Well d’uh! No one is being forced to take contraception against their will.

James McGrath comments on Focus on the Family’s “letter from the future” that got nothing right.

Kurt Willems shares an excerpt from an article by Lisa Sharon Harper. Gotta say, that book looks interesting!

The PA Voter ID law was blocked by a Commonwealth judge. Probably because it suppresses a certain population of voters…

Matthew Paul Turner shared a video of Scott Stapp talking politics with Fox Faux News Noise. Let the Creed comments commence!

Jim West points out Republican hypocrisy over voter fraud.

PJ Miller shares the results of a Lifeway survey that states, “Nearly 90 percent of pastors believe they should not endorse candidates for public office from the pulpit.”

More from PJ Miller: David Barton thinks the 2nd Amendment and the 4th of July are biblical.

Christian Nightmares alerts us to “The Party of No Compromise.” Ugh!

Joel points out Glen Beck’s horrible political theology.

Some pastors were planning on breaking the law by endorsing candidates from the pulpit. I really wish the IRS would bust their asses for this crap.

The unemployment rate fell to 7.8%. Republicans call bs.

Christian Nightmares shares a quote from a Christian Republican legislator regarding slavery. More quotes can be found here. (You’re welcome Rod!)

Bob Cargill shares why fundamentalist Evangelical Republicans scare him. They scare me too!

Two more from PJ Miller:

  1. Harry Jackson says the church must tell us who to vote for. Dominionism at its finest!
  2. Christians march in Jerusalem in support of Israel. Yay Zionism!

Jim West shows us what the Situation Room looks like in Romney’s war on Big Bird.

Finally, Jim West shares this tweet.


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