@BarackObama On @MittRomney and @PBS

Where the hell was this guy when Rmoney was going off on PBS?


6 thoughts on “@BarackObama On @MittRomney and @PBS

    • Not to sound too crass, but what the hell do teleprompters have to do with anything? Obama is not the first person to use one, nor will he be the last.

      • Obama is teleprompter dependent. He gets in trouble without one. Romney should be able to hammer him again in the foreign policy debate as well. I look forward to see how Obama can’t explain the absurd spin that came from his Administration on that one. His best hope is the town hall style, Obama will shine there because he is good in those formats.

      • Again I say, AND, what’s your point. Being able to not use a teleprompter qualifies one to lead how? It’s a red herring argument.

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