Political Theology Posts Around The Web

It’s that time of the week when we recap the good, the bad and the ugly posts around the web dealing with politics and political theology. Since this fiasco with the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife papyri has died down, there’s a good bit to go over.

Matthew Paul Turner posts a picture that states the consequences of our vote in the upcoming election. Nothing screams salvation like voting for a Mormon.

Donald Trump shows he does not have a firm grasp on the Christian message. Nothing screams “I’m a Christian” like revenge.

PJ Miller links to an article where someone made the asinine comment that the the US Government is modeled after Biblical Israel and the Garden of Eden.

Scot McKnight discusses preaching politics.

Jim West mentions that Netanyahu is trying to manipulate the US voters. Of course he is. He wants someone he can control and call on for help when his actions cause things to go south with Iran.

PJ Miller discusses Tim LaHaye’s blatant Christian Zionism. I might buy it IF modern Israel was the SAME as the biblical Israel. But, since it isn’t, I don’t buy into Zionism one bit.

The Catholic League’s Bill Donahue is classy with his poo Obama. It’s supposed to be his take on the Piss Christ, but it just shows Donahue is full of crap.

Joel Watts writes about man charged with blasphemy in Egypt for tearing up a Bible. Chad also has a great piece on this. Not surprising, I’ve not heard one word of this from the Christian Right.

Rodney has not one, but two posts on Glenn Beck, David Barton and the Founders Bible. The Founders Bible is nothing but a very bad blending of politics and religion. You want to get me excited for a bible, make it the Church Fathers Bible. That would be incredible and worth picking up. The Founders Bible…not so much.


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