@BryanJFischer, Libya, and Just War

I’m not sure where I found this little gem, but Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association gives me plenty of material in this short clip:

Fischer shows just how little he knows of the just war tradition from a Christian perspective.

First off, Fischer sounds like he’s advocating for military action out of revenge for the deadly acts of violence that happened about two weeks ago in Libya. Right away, the criteria of right intent is not met. According to the just war tradition, right intent needs to be out of love, not hatred or revenge. Calling for the perpetrators of this act of violence to be hanged (not hung) is not loving.

Second, what other attempts at diplomacy have been attempted? In what other ways has there been an attempt at justice? The answer, of course, is there hasn’t been any other attempts at justice. So the criteria of last resort has not been met.

At least two criteria for going to war have not been met. Since it is all or nothing in the just war tradition, meaning all criteria have to be met in order to legitimately “go to war” (whatever the hell that means), any action against Libya is not considered just.

Fischer does give us a good glimpse of what the secular just war tradition, which has absolutely no teeth, looks like.


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