Political Theology Posts Around The Web

It’s Sunday, that’s means it is time to recap the good, the bad and the ugly posts around the web dealing with politica and political theology. It’s been kind of a light week. Apparently there’s some discussion of a 4th century fragment that has stirred up all kinds of controversy. If you don’t believe me, do a Google search for “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife“.

Bob Cargill discusses Mitt Romney’s take on the Israel-Palestine peace process. We are all dumber for listening to Romney on this.

PJ Miller is spooked out by Mitt Romney. Quite frankly, who the hell isn’t?

James McGrath talks about Rick Perry’s comments on the separation of Church and state.

Zack Hunt over at The American Jesus discusses William Tapley’s video on Obama’s flag.

Christian Nightmares has video of Paul Ryan being booed at an AARP convention. Not much beats getting booed by a group of seniors. Maybe Lyin’ Ryan should rethink his talking points as they have been debunked time and time again.

Christian issues an apology for the Republican Party.

Joel has some questions after posting a picture of Romney’s 2011 tax return.

And, my favorite political post of the week:


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