Political Theology Posts Around the Web (Now With More Snark)

It’s that time of the week in which we take a look at posts dealing with politics and political theology. And as an added bonus, I’ve included 100% more snark for your reading pleasure!

Rod discusses the failure that is political posts on Facebook. I agree. I’m getting pretty sick of these. You’re not changing my mind so, I’ve begun a great purge.

Joel looks at the differences in the treatment of the jobs numbers between news channels. Fox is anything but fair and balanced.

Justing Fung over at Sojourners offers six suggestions for Christian engagement in politics.

Kevin over a Diglotting supports the separation of Church and State.

PJ Miller mocks Romney for making a statement that he is the one who will put the nation “Back under God.”

Matthew Paul Turner discusses his love/hate relationship with politics.

Rod discusses having references to God in a party platform.

Joel pokes fun at the cover of an issue of National Review and its striking simalarity to Soviet propaganda. Someone obviously didn’t think before they designed this cover.

Peter Enns discusses the theological problem with politics faced by some Christians.

Christian posts about the IRD and their prayer of violence. The IRD posted Christian’s link on their Facebook page. You can read the discussion here.

Joel shares Kirk Cameron’s revisionist US history. Face it Kirk, you’re just making stuff up at this point!

Jim realizes that according to Romney, he isn’t middle class. Blue Collar Todd is unsurprisingly silent regarding this, choosing instead to focus on foreign policy. Blue Collar Todd is also silent about Lyin’ Ryan’s multitude of lies that spew forth every time he opens his mouth. Doesn’t Christianity have something to say about that? But that’s besides the point. Paul Ryan is a Republican and we know that the Republicans can do no wrong (even when the do) and Democrats can never do right (even when they do).

James McGrath points out the idolatry inherent with the Republican party. The new (Conservative) Trinity: Father, Mitt Romney, and the Republican Party!


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