Political Theology Posts Around the Web

Several bloggers have written posts over the past week discussing politics and religion. Here they are…read them:

Brian discusses why he’s not concerned with the Democratic Party removing the God language from their platform.

Christian weighs in on why God doesn’t belong in either party platform.

Joel states that the DNC bowed to the RNC with the God language being reinserted into the Democratic Party Platform.

Rod is no longer on the fence regarding voter I.D. laws (he’s against them). I’ve been against them for a while now. Yes, Washington has voter I.D. laws, but they are pretty much pointless as our ballots are mailed to us.

Jim West discusses the Democrat’s platform change to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

File this under Bad Theology:

Glenn Beck speaks at the “Under God: Indivisible” rally in Dallas. It’s just bad!

Chuck Norris urging evangelicals to vote against Obama so America won’t face ‘the triumph of evil’ and ‘1,000 years of darkness.’ Wow…just wow!

Blue Collar Todd continues with his political idolatry of the Republican Party. Further proving his blog is not religious as he would have you believe.


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