Why Christians Need to Know Pop Culture

You’ve probably heard by now that DC is bringing back Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, as a gay character. And some Christian groups are upset about this. But, being upset does not entitle one to provide misleading or inaccurate information.

Take this picture posted on Daniel Distant’s Christian Post article, Green Lantern is Gay: DC Comics Prompts Backlash by Outing Superhero:

What’s wrong with this picture? For starters, the Green Lantern featured is Hal Jordan, not Alan Scott. And a search for Green Lantern on the Christian Post site has this as the featured image. So, while Distant’s article does correctly point out that Alan Scott is the character in question and does provide a picture of Alan Scott’s Green Lantern, the inaccuracy of the featured image does need to be addressed.

And then there’s the article Jim DalyThoughts on Homosexual Comic Book Characters. The only thing he got right…that DC is making the Green Lantern gay. My biggest concern with this article is Daly does not list which Green Lantern (there are, by my count, five human Green Lantern characters in the DC universe), although the picture and the end of the article is correct. Assumptions can run wild with incomplete information.

The moral of the story, if Christians are going to get worked up about something going on in pop culture, they still need to have accurate information. It doesn’t mater what side of the argument you fall on, inaccurate information is not a good thing. Christians are called to speak the truth in love. But, if we are the one’s providing incomplete or inaccurate information, doesn’t that hurt the Gospel message we seek to proclaim?


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