Willing Doubt Away?

As I continue to read through Faith at the Edge by Robert N. Wennberg, I have have to ask this question: Can we really will doubt away?  This was the first question I had after I finished chapter 4 of the book. Wennberg writes about a period of doubt he was struggling through,

Somehow or another this had to stop. So I declared to myself, in an act of self-characterization, “I am a believer who is tempted to doubt; I am not a doubter who is tempted to believe.  What is important about me is my belief, not my doubt.” Admittedly this was an act of will. I simply declared it to be so. (35)

I don’t think it is that simple. I don’t think that, through an act of will, we can make a declaration and our doubts will disappear. If that were the case, my doubts would have vanished a while ago.


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