#BSG and #Religion: Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down

I have to say from the start, this is NOT one of my favorite episodes. I find Ellen Tigh to be an annoying character. But, I digress.

Leoben’s seed of doubt takes hold in Roslin and it becomes apparent when she suggests that Adama be the first person to be tested on the fully operational Cylon detector. Adama objects at first, suggesting that Roslin goes first, but quickly agrees.

Meanwhile, Billy and Dee are on a date and the conversation quickly turns to Adama. Dee let’s it slip that Adama has been acting funny, making weird calls that aren’t being logged and has been distracted over the past few days.  Billy informs Roslin of the conversation.

A Cylon Raider jumps into the fleet and we come to find out that Adama is not on board the Galactica. Lee damages the Raider and it jumps away, only to appear in the fleet again. After all the excitement, Adama’s Raptor lands on the Galactica. When questioned by Tigh as to where he was, Adama presents Tigh’s wife, Ellen.

Roslin contacts Baltar and orders him to inform her the moment Adama’s test is completed. Baltar informs Roslin that Adama cancelled his test and him a sample of Ellen’s blood to test. Roslin orders Baltar to resume the test on Adama’s blood.

Roslin summons Tigh over to Colonal One where she questions Tigh about Adama’s recent behavior. When questioned about Adama’s absence during the Raider episode, Tigh informs Roslin that he knew where Adama was, and informs Roslin about his wife. Roslin’s demeanor changes when she hears Ellen’s name. Roslin contacts Baltar and orders him to resume the test on Ellen.

During dinner, Adama asks some startling questions regarding Ellen: Why does no one remember giving her medical attention? Why does no one remember her being brought aboard? Ellen’s answer is less than satisfying. Ellen also makes some advances on Lee and makes a general ass of herself.

After dinner, Tigh and Ellen leave and Roslin, Adama, and Lee are left alone.  Roslin speaks up after the door is closed:

Roslin: You actually think that woman is a Cylon?

Lee: If she’s not, then we’re all in a lot of trouble.

Adama reveals more information about Ellen and Tigh’s relationship:

Adama: The scuttlebutt was that she slept with more than half the fleet while Saul was in space.

Lee: Why the hell did he say married to her?

Roslin: It’s obvious. He loves her deeply.

Adama: Blindly. Ellen used to encourage the worst instincts in this guy, bring out this self destructive streak in him.

Lee: Used to?

Ellen is not the best influence on Tigh, and that’s putting it mildly. She encourages him to drink, tried to make him jealous by lying and just out right tempts him.

The shit hits the fan when Baltar, Lee, Adama, and Roslin meet in Baltar’s lab. The whole interaction is quite funny, especially when Tigh and Ellen walk in.

In the end, we find out that Ellen’s test comes back green…meaning she’s human. Only the interaction between Baltar and Six alludes to the possibility that she might not be:

Six: If only they knew that everyone passes these days.

Baltar: Why, it’s so much simpler that way. No muss, no fuss.

Six: What did her test really say?

Baltar: I’ll never tell.

I like to equate Ellen with the Satan figure in the Bible. Ha Satan, literally, the adversary, one of the heavenly host whose job, at least in the Jewish tradition, is to tempt humans. (See Job). But there’s something more to her. She doesn’t just tempt Tigh, she brings out the worst in him and causes him to make really bad choices. We’ll see more of Ellen and the effect she has on Tigh in some upcoming episodes.


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