Anger With God: A Year Later

It is fast approaching and there’s nothing I can do to stop it; June 30th will mark the one year anniversary of my last day working in the church. For those who have started following in the past year, the church that I worked for eliminated my position and I spent a few months unemployed, but I really didn’t count as unemployed because the church was not required to pay unemployment. So, even though I was not an ordained pastor, I was unable to collect unemployment. I attempted to blog on this earlier, but the pain was too fresh and it hurt too damn much, so I stopped. But a lot has happened since:

  1. My wife and I found a church that we really love and I am starting to get involved again (I’m on the online outreach team).
  2. I have a new job (and recently received a promotion).
  3. We finally got out of that hell hole we lived in when we moved to Seattle.

Over the past year, the feeling of hurt and betrayal have started to dissipate.  They will always be there in some way, but they are manageable. It wasn’t something I was able to do alone. I spent several weeks talking to a psychologist because of my depression.

I think now would be a good time to pick up with my reflection on my crisis of faith, my feelings of doubt, and dealing with being hurt by the church.


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