There Are Days…

Have you every started to read a book and know instantly that this one is going to be one of those books that tries your patience? Yeah…I’m reading one now. I managed to get my hands on an advance reading copy of The Teavangelicals: The Inside Story of how The Evangelicals and The Tea Party are Taking Back America by David Brody. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Craig, why the hell are you reading that book?” Well, for starters, it was free… And…well, it was free…  Anyways, I’ve probably read about two pages and I’m ready to bang my head against the wall.  But it’s not because of the bad political ideology…it’s because of the bad theology.

Brody starts off by telling the story of the “conversion” of Kellen Guida. Brody states that Guida grew up Irish Catholic, but shortly after a Tea Party strategy meeting in 2010:

[Guida] went to his computer and found the Sinner’s Prayer of Repentance. And then it happened. From his heart, Kellen Guida recited that prayer by acknowledging that he was a sinner and needed Jesus Christ to be Lord and Savior of his Life. Kellen Guida, a Tea Party libertarian in search of God, had embraced Christianity. (12)

Here’s my little commentary/tirade:

  1. The Sinner’s Prayer is found nowhere in the Bible. I seriously question those who say they have said the Sinner’s Prayer and have been saved. Why? Christianity is a community. The Sinner’s Prayer is individualistic. It bypasses the community.
  2. I would also question Brody’s choice of the word “embraced” at the end. The implication is that one needs to be an Evangelical Christian to “embrace” Christianity. If that’s the case, that comment is a giant load of bull shit! I’m sure Guida could have embraced Christianity as a Catholic. I embrace Christianity as a Mainliner, and I didn’t need to say some fictional prayer to be admitted into the club. Just sayin’.

That’s my tirade for now. I’m sure I’ll have much more later.


4 thoughts on “There Are Days…

  1. There also seems to be, at least in the section you quote here, an implication that one’s political affiliation plays a role in being saved. Or if not salvation, at least in one’s ability to “embrace Christianity”.

    hope you’re doing well Craig!

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