Southern Baptist Convention Adds To Its Name

Well, it’s not an official name change:

A panel for the Southern Baptist Convention recommended Monday that its leadership endorse a new, add-on description for the denomination — “Great Commission Baptists” — stopping short of a complete name change.

Apparently, this is partially because of the negative perceptions associated with the name. As James McGrath notes,

It seems to me that the organization is concerned with the negative connotations that its name has, but not with the approach to religion and understanding of Christian teaching that leads to those negative views of them. Is this not an example of trying to dupe customers by re-releasing an unpopular product under a new label?

I think Southern Baptists should ask if they actually think that there is something fundamentally wrong with their past emphases and practices. If so, then they should stop interpreting the Bible in the same way in relation to women in ministry and other issues as they interpreted it in relation to slavery. Then they can adopt not only a new name, but a new stance to go with it.

I don’t think anything more needs to be said!

Southern Baptist panel recommends add-on name, not full change: ‘Great Commission Baptists’ | Washington Post


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