Westboro Baptist “Church” to Protest Powell Boys Funeral

Yep, the hate group Westboro Baptist Cult “Church” (I refuse to link to this group…I want to give them as little exposure as possible) is planning to protest the funeral of Braden and Charlie Powell, both of whom were killed by their father last Sunday.

I feel dirty for having posted that…I need to boil my eyes now.

This sickens me…to know that these hate-mongers are going to be 45 minutes from my house makes me want to wretch. And of course, they blame the fact that WA has just recently approved a gay marriage bill… Whatever, Westboro is about a Christian as it is a Church, which is to say, it isn’t at all. The only gospel they know is a gospel of Hate and do not know God at all.

Bravo to #OccupySeattle for counter protesting.


4 thoughts on “Westboro Baptist “Church” to Protest Powell Boys Funeral

  1. I do not understand why people use Christianity to espouse Hate. It is like they skipped over the parts of the Bible that talked about forgiveness, and not judging, and, oh yeah, Love. God IS Love.

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