Series Announcement: BSG and Religion


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Beginning on Jan 2, 2012, I will be starting a new series based on my re-watch of the epic series, Battlestar Galactica.  Each week, I will watch an episode or two and provide commentary on the religious/theological themes that appear in the episode(s).  I’ll begin with the pilot and work my way through seasons 1-4.  The webisodes and Razor will be viewed where they fit chronologically in the series.  The Plan will be watched at the end of the series.


2 thoughts on “Series Announcement: BSG and Religion

  1. That is very ambitious of you. I happen to believe that BSG is the overall greatest television series of all time, better than 24, better than Rome, better than The Tudors, better than Spartacus, though I of course love all of these.

    I will look forward to your reviews.

    • I’m working on a viewing guide for the year that I hope to have posted tomorrow or Friday. It works out to 1.5 episodes a week, something that’s definitely do-able.

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