Initial Thoughts on ‘Night of the Living Dead Christian’

When I read Imaginary Jesus by Matt Mikalatos last year, I absolutely loved it.  Mikalatos’ whit made it an quick and enjoyable book.  Mikalatos’ sophomore book, Night of the Living Dead Christians, is just as funny and enjoyable as his first.  I’ve been looking forward to it for a while, ever since I found out one of the characters was a Lutheran.  I’m not sure how many Lutherans Matt knows, but I think he has us pegged.  Although I do take exception with this quote from the book

I marched up to the door, past a sign, which said, “No Halloween Here, Happy Reformation Day!”  Great.  Apparently the werewolf was a Lutheran.

Yes, we Lutherans like Reformation Day, but I know several Lutherans who also like Halloween.  It’s just difficult because they fall on the same day!  (Note to my readers: These comments are written in jest.  I actually laughed for 10 minutes when I read that quote.)

I still have a few more chapters left to go.  I’m looking forward to seeing how this ends and for Matt’s third book (no pressure Matt!).


3 thoughts on “Initial Thoughts on ‘Night of the Living Dead Christian’

  1. My publisher actually asked me to drop a lot of lutheran jokes. 🙂 And that particular sign shows up in my neighborhood every halloween. Ha ha ha.

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