The CEB And Tobit

Tobit is one of my favorite books in the Apocrypha.  I absolutely love it.  Since I’m participating in the CEB Blog Tour, I thought I would share one of my favorite books from, what is quite possibily my favorite translation:

Now, Lord, remember me and look upon me. Don’t punish me for my sins and the mistakes I made in ignorance, nor for those of my ancestors. They sinned against you, and I disregarded your commandments. So you have handed us over to plunder, captivity, and death. We have become a parable and the object of chatter and scorn among all the nations to which you have scattered us.  You are right in your many judgments, holding me responsible for my sins; for we didn’t observe your commandments, and we haven’t behaved faithfully toward you.  (Tobit 3:3-5)

My child, pay attention to the Lord as long as you live, and don’t make it your desire to sin or to disobey his commandments. Do what is just as long as you live, and don’t follow the paths that lead to wickedness. Those who live in line with the truth will prosper in everything they do.

To everyone who practices righteousness, make donations based on what you have, and don’t let your eye begrudge what you’ve given. Don’t turn your face away from any poor person, and God’s face will never turn away from you.  Give aid, my child, according to what you have. If you have a lot, make a donation out of your riches. If you have only a little, don’t be afraid to make a donation in proportion.  In this way, you will store up a valuable treasure for a time of need.  Giving assistance to the poor rescues a person from death and keeps a person from going down into darkness.  For everyone who does it, donating money to the needy is a good gift in the sight of the Most High.  (Tobit 4:5-11)

What you yourself hate, do that to no one. (Tobit 4:15)

So turn around, you sinners, and act justly before him.  Who knows?  Perhaps he will want you back and show you mercy. (Tobit 13:6)

So now, my children, I’m giving you this instruction: Serve God with sincerity, and do what pleases him. Teach your children to do what is just and to give to the poor so that they will keep God ever in mind and praise his name at all times in sincerity and with all their strength.  (Tobit 14:8-9)


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