National Bible Week and the CEB Blog Tour

A few thing are beginning today.  The first is National Bible Week (Nov 20-27).  The second is the beginning of the Common English Bible Blog Tour (Nov 20-Jan).  I’m super excited to be a part of the blog tour.  There’s a lot of bloggers that I’ve come to know and respect in my time blogging (even if some of them think Zwingli is awesome).

I have a love of the Apocrypha.  For this week, with the exception of Thanksgiving, I’m going to be posting some passages from the Deuterocanonical books.  To start thing’s off, let’s tak a look at Psalm 151.

Psalm 151

151A [Hebrew]

    A hallelujah of David, Jesse’s son.

 1 I was the smallest of my brothers,
the youngest of my father’s sons.
He made me shepherd of his flock,
ruler over their young.

 2 My hands made a flute,
my fingers a lyre.
Let me give glory to the LORD,
I thought to myself.

 3 The mountains
cannot witness to God;
the hills cannot proclaim him.
But the trees have cherished
my words,
the flocks my deeds.

 4 Who can proclaim,
who can announce,
who can declare the LORD’s deeds?
God has seen everything;
God has heard everything;
God has listened.

 5 God sent his prophet to anoint me;
Samuel to make me great.
My brothers went out to meet him,
handsome in form and appearance:

 6 Their stature tall,
their hair beautiful,
but the LORD God
did not choose them.

 7 Instead, he sent and took me
from following the flock.
God anointed me with holy oil;
God made me leader for his people,
ruler over the children
of his covenant.

I’m also giving away a copy of the Common English Bible.  Leave a comment below telling me why you would like a copy of the CEB.  A winner will be selected at random.



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