A ‘Christian’ Response to Homelessness

I’m not always quick on the draw about responding to comments made on the blogosphere.  Chalk it up to a busy schedule.  And, there’s also times where I don’t have a response immediately, but in the course of my reading, I come across something that addresses a statement made in the past.

Over at Blue Collar Philosophy, a political blog disguised as a Christian blog, Blue Colla Todd, referenced a case of a homeless individual beating a senior citizen to death.  His only comment to this was that this is “An argument that the homeless should be in mental institutions?”  Seriously?  Yes, let’s lock up all the homeless in mental institutions.  That’s one way to solve the problem.  But not the Christian way to solve the problem.

In another post, Todd comments on a homeless man going nuts, “The troubling part about the video is not so much the homeless guy wigging out, that should be expected.”  I’ve spent plenty of time around homeless persons and have never expected one to wig out.

Stereotypical comments from a conservative Christian who probably hasn’t even spent any time of substance with the homeless population.  His response to the problem of homelessness is to marginalize the marginalized even more!  What kind of Christian response is that?  It’s a political response, not a Christian one.  I think maybe Todd should take a good, hard look at the book of Amos.


3 thoughts on “A ‘Christian’ Response to Homelessness

    • I alway try use comedy/snark in my posts.

      As for “Orphan Sunday”, I don’t need a specific day to lift up orphans, widows, the sojourner, or any other oppressed category in a post. While social justice is a theme of this blog, it is not solely the theme of this blog. I post on a variety of topics and chose when and where I discuss a specific topic. I don’t let some arbitrary date determine my posts. Since Orphan Sunday is not on the festival calendar of the Lutheran Church, I don’t have anything to say about it.

  1. Instead of locking homeless up in a mental institution why don’t we use some of the abandoned buildings that are in every major city and convert these into homeless shelters? The work can be done by out of unemployed construction workers. The buildings can be upkept by unemployed janitors. The pay for these folks will come from the city’s tax bases or parking fines. Granted, they pay will not be great, but I’m sure it will be better than making nothing at all. And as a bonus, it will get homeless persons off of the street. You can also let some of the homeless do work around the shelter. And you can set up an outreach program to localities to set up computers so that these peoples can look for jobs. The main reason persons cannot get hired is because they don’t have a street address or transportation. They could use the shelter as their address and the city can run buses or taxis to pick persons up to get to and from work.

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