Dan Delzell Gets It Wrong!

Pr. Dan Delzell recently wrote an article for the Christian Post, Why Romney Makes the Religious Left Nervous.  As usual, the religious left is presented in broad, stereotypical terms.

Put yourself in their shoes.  Imagine being a religious liberal.  You view the Bible primarily as a fable.

I don’t have to imagine, because I’m a religious liberal.  The correct term here is myth, not fable.  And not all on the religious left view the Bible “primarily as fable.”  But, what you fail to grasp is even myth can contain truth.

You check the “Christian” box when asked your religion, but you don’t associate with anyone who takes the Bible literally.

Not true.  I associate with many people who “[take] the Bible literally.”  Some of those associations are even by choice.  But again, what you fail to grasp is that someone can take (parts of) the Bible metaphorically and still proclaim the truth.  Truth is not bound up in a literal reading of the Bible.

It is not part of their practice to articulate biblical doctrine in too much detail. It all must be kept incredibly vague and inclusive. The minute a person on the religious left allows himself to get too specific about doctrine, he starts to feel way too much like an absolutist. Somebody gets left out.

Wrong yet again.  Would you care to argue Lutheran doctrine with me?  I know you’re LCMC and I’m ELCA, but I’m pretty sure I have a fairly good grasp on Lutheran doctrine (as well as church doctrine).  Hell, I even study the doctrinal arguments from the religious right so I can argue against them.  And FYI, doctrine is not a bad word for all on the religious left.

If you are part of the religious left, you tiptoe very gingerly around this candidate. If he gets the nomination, you freely criticize his financial policies and other policy matters. But you steer clear of his Mormon beliefs.

Actually, I’m already on the record for criticizing Romney for his Mormon beliefs, even stating on another blog that he is not a Christian.  And for the record, I’m a part of the religious left.

Next time, please try not to paint everyone in the religious left with broad generalizations!  I understand you’re writing for an audience made up primarily from the religious right, but arguments like this are full of straw men, spotlight fallacies and hasty generalizations.


One thought on “Dan Delzell Gets It Wrong!

  1. I stumbled onto this article, today, while doing a Google search on something which has nothing to do with it (though I can see why Google thought so, based on my search terms… my bad). As a left-leaning ELCA (or at least ELCA was the church of my upbringing, and most of my adulthood) Lutheran, though, I really liked this piece.

    Just wanted to write to say so.

    Don’t know that I would have used the word “myth,” but I get your intent to differentiate it from “fable.” Gotta’ be a better word, though. But that’s a debate for another day.

    In any case, nice piece. Keep-up the good work!

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

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