Should Clergy Be Invited To The 9/11 Memorial Event?

According to one Lutheran pastor, the answer is no!  Rev. William Cwirla writes:

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has banned clergy from participating in this year’s 9/11 memorial events at Ground Zero.  Good for him!  He’ll save us all a bunch of post-9/11ecumenical hangover headaches on Monday.  As far as I’m concerned, clergy are best neither seen nor heard in the public square.  And I’m one of them.

Give the full article a read and share your thoughts.


9 thoughts on “Should Clergy Be Invited To The 9/11 Memorial Event?

  1. I disagree, the attack on America in 9/11, was an attack fully on the whole English speaking free world! It was totally ideological. We better realize this, or we will not be prepared mentally, spiritually or certainly in our Judeo-Christian realities. Note too the attacks in Europe and England, after 9/11. I know the religious term: Judeo-Christian is not so popular today, but like it or not.. we are Judeo-Christian in our history and heritage, European, British and American.

    • I can see both sides, although I lean more towards agreeing with you. Rev. Cwirla is Missouri Synod and is way more conservative and leery of ecumenical anything than my ELCA. I also think he and others in the LC-MS use the Two Kingdoms as a means of evading from any public sphere activity.

      • Craig,

        Yeah, we know where that Two-Kingdom aspect lead for many German Lutherans in the 30’s and WW II, Barth did not think too highly of some during the Barmen Declaration. As I have said, I love Luther.. but not always Lutheranism. 😉 Though I do have some fine Lutheran pastor friends. I tend to like some of the Swedish and Finnish Lutherans of the past, every Anglican and Lutheran pastor should read Yngve Brilioth’s book: Eucharistic Faith And Practice, Evangelical and Catholic. Also Gustaf Aulen’s book: Reformation and Catholicity is a good read!

  2. And while I am at it, for the Christian, and especially the pastor, to miss the spiritual reality of the so-called ecumenical reality, he misses the real economy of the Gospel itself! Note, the Greek word here, oikoumene. And I am myself no liberal certainly! Of course here, we are talking about the true reality of the economy and doctrine of God! And all real Christians live from, too, and in the Incarnate reality of Christ!

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