Christian Labels in the Blogosphere

Things have been really interesting as of late concerning the labels Christians use when referring to themselves and/or others.  The “liberal label” is thrown around without any regard to its historical context.  Just recently, I found myself being called a liberal heretic.

Roger Olson posted on what theological liberalism really is.

A few weeks ago, Tony Jones suggested that the Liberal/Progressive label was both politically loaded and had no theological value.  His solution was to pick a new label.  After opening the comments up to suggestions, picking some of the suggestions, and putting the suggestions to a vote, incarnational Christian won.  In a series of posts, Jones laid out what he thinks it means to be an incarnational Christian (here and here).  I have to admit, I voted for incarnational Christian.  That said, while I like Tony and commend him for what he’s done, part of me feels that this is an exercise in futility.  No matter what label the Christian left picks, it will be the Christian right will just supplant it with the Liberal label.

Michael Bird posted a critique of Liberal Christianity which prompted a response from James McGrath and Kevin at Diglotting.  McGrath then went on to ask the question, “Are atheists basically just like liberal believers?”  A response came from Unreasonable Faith.

Rodney wrote a three part series discussing Liberal, Conservative, and Progressive Christianity (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

Tripp and Bo over at Homebrewed Christianity have done a few podcasts on the topic.  I am having issues connecting to the site.  As soon as that is resolved, I will update with links.

Quite frankly, I’m getting a little sick of the Christian Wars.  In my opinion, the Christian Right needs to actually read some Liberal Theology and not base their opinions off of something written a century ago by someone with an apparent axe to grind.  And, the Christian Left (myself included) needs to be able to articulate their faith.  Both sides need to stop with the name calling.  We’re acting like a bunch of 5 year-olds.


One thought on “Christian Labels in the Blogosphere

  1. The whole reality here is that things have really changed in both the religious and the political realms, I am quite old enough to have seen and lived through some if not much of it. As a conservative Brit now living in the US for the time being, I have people all the time call me a “right winger”. But that is a label that will not fully fit me I am afraid. So this issue goes both ways. I have noted how poorly people have labeled the so-called American Tea Party. In Great Britain we have several political parties, but in America there is sadly only two, but with many being Independents, etc. I really have lived long enough to see both a religious and political shift in the West. Note here, my father was a pilot in the RAF during WW2, and I have several Uncles and even Great Uncles that were also in WW2. In fact, two went and joined the American Army and were Rangers, and landed on Omaha Beach on D Day, and both survived the war. It is obvious that I come from conservative folk! And btw, they are all before the Lord now..RIP!

    My point is both how one was raised, and really how much one has thought through both of these issues. Because today, so-called religion and the political are really part of both ideology, and yet also I am convinced epistemology. Indeed how one thinks, is ceratinly a major element here.

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