A Shocking Statement

After months of thought and reflection, I can no longer subscribe to the Just War tradition.  At the same time, I’m not a pacifist, so I don’t know where I will find myself concerning the use of war as it relates to the Christian tradition.

What prompted this change?  For starters, the Just War tradition does not have clearly defined criteria.  They are open for interpretation.

Things might get a little interesting around here in the coming weeks as I try to sort this out.


2 thoughts on “A Shocking Statement

  1. Indeed for me, as both a baby-boomer (my father was in the RAF and a Spit pilot in WW2), and then I was in the RMC’s..Royal Marine Commando’s (for over 10 years; enlisted to officer). The Just War is just that “Just”! But then I am a conservative all the way, both the biblical-theological, to the political and ideological. But I am a conservative Brit. Btw, in Latin ‘conservare’ means ‘to preserve’. This is one of my places of conscience! I’m not writing to engage, again it is a very deep place, as you have indicated.

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