Does Christianity Need A New Label?

Not long ago, Tony Jones posed an interesting thought and a question: The words “liberal” and “progressive” are not adequate descriptors of a certain group of Christians because they are not theological terms.  As such, what term would best be used to describe Christians who are not conservative/Evangelical?

The task then shifted to picking a new label.

The other day, Tony announced the results.  And the winner is: Incarnational Christian.  I was torn between two choices: Incarnational and Open.  Trinitarian Christian, in my opinion, is repetitive.  It’s like saying “single bachelor.”  Kerygmatic Christian takes way too much explaining to do.  And Prophetic Christian makes me think of people like John Crowder, so that choice was out.

The task at hand now is to further elaborate on what it means to be an incarnational Christian.

While I respect what Tony is trying to do, I have to wonder if this will really catch on.  I think we’d best be served by trying to reclaim the term Progressive Christian instead of creating a new label.  That’s just my opinion.  I’m not particularly wed to the term progressive, but I don’t see the point in changing it when terms can be reclaimed.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the matter.  


7 thoughts on “Does Christianity Need A New Label?

  1. Well, “Incarnational” kind of works for me except it is not by definition progressive (it is a qualifier that includes lots of conservatives).

    Would that be “Incarnational progressives” then?

    I do think too many who call themselves progressive Christians may not believe in the spiritual significance of the Incarnation, and that fact makes this new label interesting, because it would distance believing progressives from disbelieving progressives who think religion boils down to the moral teachings of Jesus.

  2. I would like to re-claim the word “Biblicist”.. one who believes in ‘the Word & Spirit’ of the Bible! Here lived a Luther and a Calvin, really all of the best Reformers! We can never get above the “Word” or Breathe of God!

    • That one is a sticky discussion. What does it mean to believe in the Word and Spirt of the Bible? Is that the doctrine of Inerrancy? Is Inspiration sufficient enough? There’s a ton of questions that need answering for this one. Although, it probably is a more worthwhile discussion than progressive vs incarnational Christian. Just my two cents there.

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