Ed Setzer on Mosque Bans

Usually, I just scan through the headlines of the Christian Post to see what’s going on.  Every now and then an article just jumps out.  That was the case today.

As we all know by now, GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain recently said Americans have the right to ban mosques in their communities.  Ed Setzer disagrees.

I have great concerns when people start deciding what “is” and “is not” a real religion and if other religions can build places of worship. Be aware that the standard that Christians advocate here may very well be used on Christians in the future.

As the views of evangelicals become increasingly distasteful to many in prevailing culture, some may use these same arguments when they ban your building. How you treat our Muslim minority may very well point to how the majority culture will treat Christians one day.

Read the full article.  It’s worth the time.

Mosque Ban? Freedom of Religion Has to Be Freedom for Everyone


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