Is A Balanced Budget Amendment Necessary For The Debt Talks?

The short answer here is: No!

In my opinion, Republicans are using the Balanced Budget Amendment language to make the general population believe that they have some leverage here.  But mandating a Balanced Budget Amendment for the debt talks is just simply absurd.  Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m actually in favor of a Balanced Budget Amendment, but Republicans are trying to use the language of a Constitutional Amendment to make it appear as if they have some power or leverage, when if fact, they don’t.  In other words, any language of a Balanced Budget Amendment coming from the Republicans in the Debt Talks is empty language.

Even if the proposed Constitutional Amendment makes it through both Houses of Congress, there is absolutely no guarantee that three quarters of the States will ratify the Amendment.  Thirty-eight states, either through the State Legislature or through a Constitutional Convention need to ratify any proposed Amendment before it takes effect.  Every time a Balanced Budget Amendment proposal has come up, it has failed.

So, members of Congress, enough with the empty talk of a Balanced Budget Amendment with regards to the debt talks.


9 thoughts on “Is A Balanced Budget Amendment Necessary For The Debt Talks?

    • And I totally agree. I think it’s bad timing and bad form for Republicans to demand something that ultimately they have no say over, like a Constitutional Amendment. That’s what I take issue with. Lets get the debt ceiling fiasco sorted out, then talk about a Balanced Budget Amendment.

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