Some Interesting Information

I’m currently reading Almost Christian by Kenda Creasy Dean and came across an interesting statistic:

One disconcerting footnote in the data [from the National Study of Youth and Religion] is Mormon teenagers’ almost preternatural level of religious certainty: 91% reported “few or no doubts” about religious beliefs in the past year (the next most certain group of teens, surprisingly, were mainline Protestants; 84% reported “few or no doubts” about religion in the past year).  –Almost Christian, 52-53

It’s not the first part that I find interesting.  It’s the part about mainline Protestant youth being the second largest group when it comes to religious certainty.  I’ve been mainline Protestant all my life and I could, in all honesty, never say that I had “few or no doubts” about religious beliefs in the past year.  I would have thought mainline Protestant would have been further down the list.  Guess not!


4 thoughts on “Some Interesting Information

    • Todd, I love how you focus in on the one thing that is really irrelevant here, my age, instead of looking at what the statistics imply. My comment was me looking back on my 34 years on this earth. Even as a youth, I would never have said I had little or no doubts.

      Mainline Protestant youth have more religious certainty than all religious groups, except Mormons. They have less doubts than Evangelical youth. That’s what I find interesting.

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