Apparently I’m Indoctrinating My Daughter

Yep, I let my 15 month old daughter watch Sesame Street and according to Faux Noise Fox News, that’s indoctrination.

Elmo, Big Bird and Prairie Dawn are just pawns in the Left’s plan to indoctrinate you kids by teaching them their ABC’s and 123’s and provide educational experiences to our youth.

I’m just going to call this like I see it…complete BS.  Give me a break.  Fox News, you get the stupid of the day award.


3 thoughts on “Apparently I’m Indoctrinating My Daughter

    • I don’t have any problem with her watching Yo Gabba Gabba either, aside from the fact is looks like it was written by someone on an acid trip…but that’s neither here nor there.

      i think when people go looking for something, they will find it regardless of whether or not it’s there. I’ve seen plenty of Sesame Street episodes lately courtesy of Netflix and there is really nothing “liberal” there. There’s more liberal bias in The Cat in the Hat (I’m referring to the book, not the cartoon).

      What I am getting very sick of is “Conservativeism” being promoted as the only “American” and “Christian” belief.

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