About The Recent Lack of Posts

You might have noticed things have been quiet around here as of late.  I had a pretty good run a few months ago, posting every day.  But as is always the case, life has happened.  Much of my free time is spent writing cover letters for my ongoing job search.  For those who don’t know, about four months ago, my position was cut due to a budget shortfall and I’ve been seriously looking for a job since I found out (I had been looking prior to the decision, but it was nothing serious).  Anyways, my last day in my current position is June 30th and then I’m going on vacation for a week with my in-laws.  I hope to have something…but the economy is crap.

Anyways, all this is to say that while I have a lot on my mind, I don’t really feel like saying it (and some of it isn’t appropriate at this point).  I’m frustrated and discouraged and don’t want that to affect my writing.  So, bear with me until I’m in a place where I can talk about some of this stuff.  I’m sure it will make for an interesting discussion.


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