Changing Views

A few months ago, RodJoelChristian and I were having a discussion centered around our view of Scripture (and how that view has changed over time).  I was hoping that something more would come of it, but life happens.  What I propose is we take that discussion to the next level, looking not just at our view of Scripture, but at the entire spectrum of theology.

So, here we go:

  • Denomination: I grew up American Baptist.  I left that denomination shortly after college and became a Lutheran.
  • Theology: My understanding of theology in general has started to change in the past few months.  The way I view theology has begun to shift away from traditional theology to an open theology.
  • Scripture: As I stated in a previous post, I do not hold to a literal interpretation of Scripture in all instances.  At the same time, I do not hold to a metaphorical interpretation of Scripture in all instances.  I lean more towards the prima Scriptura view of Scripture (over the sola Scriptura view).
  • Eschatology: I used to hold to a pre-tribulation premillennialism.  Currently, I hold to an amillennial view (leaning towards postmillennail).
  • Soteriology: I used to hold to the Penal Substitution Theory of Atonement.  Currently, I hold to the Satisfaction Theory of Atonement (leaning towards the Christus Victor view).
  • My views on war have not changed, although I have been able to put a name to my belief.  I hold to the just war tradition concerning waging war, but I am sympathetic to pacifism.

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