#RaptureFail: Harold Camping’s At It Again!

Harold Camping just can’t stay out of the spotlight despite being made as a false profit and a scam.

In his first address on his Open Forum radio show since May 21 passed without any of his predictions about worldwide quakes and the Rapture coming true, radio evangelist Harold Camping said he was “truly wondering what was going on” when Saturday came and went without any extraordinary events.

“I went through all the promises God had made…everything was fitting perfectly,” he said, remarking that he thought “what in the world happened?”

What happened?  You’ve been found out to be a fraud.  You attempted to find something in Scripture that Scripture says isn’t there.  Give it up already.

Camping quotes a listener who had written him a letter at an unspecified time. The listener wrote he believes that “the great earthquake and the universe melting in fervent heat will all happen on the last day, Oct. 21, 2011.”

The preacher says that Family Radio will investigate that prediction, but admits “we have been saying it was going to happen on May 21” and that “the great earthquake didn’t happen on May 21 because no one would be able to survive it for a few days or let alone five months to suffer God’s wrath.”

Yeah, sure it will.  How many times must you be wrong before you give it up?

Camping says there will be no more billboards or street preaching, but the world is still ending Oct. 21.

Why not, are we unworthy to be saved with you and your cult?  Whatever.

Anyways, there’s a hockey game on and that’s more important that listening to what this fraud has to say.

You can following along on the Huffington Post’s live blog.

HT: Joel


3 thoughts on “#RaptureFail: Harold Camping’s At It Again!

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