#RaptureFail: Harold Camping to Respond Tonight

The man who is the center of this latest round of rapture craze, is going to speak about his failed rapture prediction.

The Christian radio host who predicted the world would end over the weekend said Monday he’s ready to talk about why the apocalypse didn’t arrive.

Ooh, this should be good.  Makes me want to deal with teh crazy and tune in…ok, maybe not.

Gunther Von Harringa, who heads a religious organization that produces content for Camping’s media enterprise, said he was “very surprised” the Rapture did not happen as predicted, but said he and other believers were in good spirits.

“We’re still searching the Scriptures to understand why it did not happen,” said Von Harringa, president of Bible Ministries International, which he operates from his home in Delaware, Ohio. “It’s just a matter of OK, Lord, where do we go from here?”

You can search Scripture all you want.  You’re not going to find an answer as to why the rapture didn’t happen, you’re not going to find any more clues as to the date of the rapture.  Give it up, it’s a giant scam.  You’ve been caught with your hand in the proverbial cookie jar.

Family Radio’s special projects coordinator, Michael Garcia said he believed the delay was God’s way of separating true believers from those willing to doubt what he said were clear biblical warnings.

“Maybe this had to happen for there to be a separation between those who have faith and those who don’t,” he said. “It’s highly possible that our Lord is delaying his coming.”

Radio host who predicted End of Days to speak

HT: Jesus Needs New PR


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