Harold Camping’s Response to Failed Rapture Prediction

“It has been a really tough weekend,” Camping, 89, said in front of his Alameda, Calif., home to The San Francisco Chronicle Sunday afternoon.

“I’m looking for answers,” he said, admitting that he was “flabbergasted.”

There’s no reason to be flabbergasted.  As one who studies the Bible, perhaps Camping should look at Matthew 24:36:

But about that day and hour no one knows, neither the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.

No one knows but the Father.  Let me repeat that so it sinks in; NO ONE KNOWS BUT THE FATHER! There is no “code” hidden in the Bible.  Get over yourself.  If Christ himself doesn’t know, what makes you think you do?

He said he had nothing else to say and that he would be back to work on Monday, when he will have more to say about the failed end of the world prediction.

My suggestion, study Matthew 24:36.  It might illuminate the reason for your failed rapture prophecy.

Harold Camping Resurfaces After Failed Rapture


7 thoughts on “Harold Camping’s Response to Failed Rapture Prediction

    • Me too. I hope he really does respond tomorrow. I’m kind of considering listening to the program while I’m at work tomorrow, just so I can hear it myself.

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  4. What is it the Bible say’s re anyone “adding to or taking away from this book” Camping has done just that whilst insisting it’s not him saying it but the Bible, and that all others simply take what bits of the Bible they want and ignore the rest….WELL Mr CAMPING THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT YOU HAVE DONE! And unless I have missed it he has not yet gone back on air to apologies….yes apologies to all those he has deceived, I believe some people have given up a great deal to follow this man’s directions, whilst others have been ignored and rudely dismissed on his Open Forum.
    OK…he’s an old man and I do believe a sincere man if very misguided, and yes I actually feel sorry for the guy, lets hope this will be a final lesson to him to preach the word and stop trying to interpret what is written.

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